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Unveiling the Dynamics: The Role of ERP in Manufacturing

In the intricate dance of modern manufacturing, effective resource planning is the linchpin of success. Among the pivotal solutions in this arena is the Enterprise... READ MORE »

Find out how to increase productivity across your team in this month’s Leadership Matters

Productivity is a buzzword we often hear but what do we mean by it? Completing tasks in less time with less effort could be one description. We think productivity happens... READ MORE »

Keeping up with changes to employment legislation – how to stay compliant as an employer

As soon as you start to contract or employ other people to work for your business, you take on certain responsibilities and legal obligations as an employer, like making... READ MORE »

Paris Smith's Amanda Brockwell gives us a guide to family constitutions

Businesses which are owned by multi-generational and/or extended members of a family often have a unique structure, writes Amanda Brockwell, Corporate Team Partner at... READ MORE »

Marine Matters: boatfolk General Manager Jon Eads tells us about expansion at Portland Marina

Welcome to the latest Marine Matters from Gallagher. This month we get to meet Jon Eads, Area General Manager of boatfolk, which runs Portland and Weymouth Marinas and... READ MORE »

That’s a wrap! A big thank you from Hampshire Biz News as we count down this year’s Top Ten stories

It’s been a busy (or bizzy?) first year at Hampshire Biz News! We launched in April 2023 with an aim to build upon the great success of our sister site, Dorset Biz... READ MORE »

After months of training Olivia and Isabella join the teams at various Hampshire based businesses

The team at Lifestyle Clarity AI have been developing a number of AI based team members over the past year. This has led to a range of successful deployments across a... READ MORE »

Paris Smith’s Anthony Nixon explores inheritance tax reliefs and planning opportunities for married couples

Business owners, whether they are sole traders, members of a partnership, or shareholders in unlisted companies, have the opportunity to make huge inheritance tax (IHT)... READ MORE »

Whitefox MD Darren Frias-Robles looks at airspace developments and we meet Managing Surveyor Andy Keen

Airspace or ‘rooftop’ development provides the opportunity to provide thousands of new homes. Airspace developments are complicated and have unique risks attached to... READ MORE »

Alison Craig’s 12 Cs of Christmas offer managers and leaders some New Year’s resolutions

The end of a calendar year often prompts us to reflect upon successes and challenges and how we want the year ahead to be. With that in mind, our 12 Cs of Christmas will... READ MORE »